The Church and Finances

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Designed for the novice, this course is designed to assist you in preparing for, or improving, the financial stewardship of your church.

Beginning with an examination of the basics of personal finance, we will cover a brief discussion of the Theology of Stewardship, and from there discuss prudent practices of financial planning,  receiving and recording money, spending money, and legal and tax matters.

We will also spend time on raising funds both for operating expenses and for capital projects, together with planned giving efforts.

We will spend an entire day on budgeting, and thinking about cash flow, together with the development of reports and written procedures.



  • Embedded in a theology of stewardship, we will review and affirm all the critical elements of budget preparation, cash flow management, tax and other reporting, together with fund raising for the immediate and long term.


  • We will explore our own responsibilities for sound financial stewardship, together with the appropriate engagement of volunteers and other professional services. We will then discuss how our approach should be crafted for successful outcomes.  We will also explore approaches to spiritual discernment as a critical element of church finances.


  • Class dialogue will include ‘case study’ situations that require analysis.  These discussions will provide opportunities to practice in simulated and challenging situations. The course will include a guest speaker.