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This course is a study of the Book of Ezekiel as part of the Hebrew prophets, the Biblical canon, and Biblical theology. The course will examine significant and representative sections of every part of Ezekiel, showing how the whole composition is structured and its message developed. Attention will be given to the many unique aspects of this prophet and his work, many of which tend to make this book among the least read and cited of the Hebrew prophets. The course will show how this book is not only spiritual in its depiction of the experiences of the prophet, but inspires spirituality and hope in those that read it.


  • The historical and cultural situation of the prophet Ezekiel
  • The content and structure of the book of Ezekiel
  • The function of Ezekiel in the life of Israel
  • The theological objectives of the composition of Ezekiel


  • Understanding the prophet’s sense of individual responsibility and culpability
  • Having a sense of hope in circumstances that are personally and culturally devastating
  • Recognizing the import of the refrain “I am Yahweh” in covenant life


  • Learn to confront corrupt behavior and call violators to account
  • Inspire a trust in God when judgment is harsh and inescapable
  • Express hope in a way that can effect confidence and life change