Old Testament Synoptic Traditions

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A study of ‘Synoptic’ (parallel) texts in the Old Testament through a special focus on the book of Chronicles, which largely parallels Samuel-Kings, as well as drawing on other biblical texts. Areas to be studied include: a survey of the Chronicler’s history with a focus on its distinctive themes; significant individual passages in Chronicles; the Chronicler’s portrayal of David and the Davidic kings; the history of Chronicles scholarship; comparisons with the Deuteronomistic History and other biblical parallels; and the Chronicler’s purpose and method. In addition to the focus on Chronicles, other synoptic texts in the Old Testament will be the focus of seminar discussions and papers. 


• To have a thorough knowledge of the contents and message of Chronicles
• To gain familiarity with the state of the field of research on Chronicles
• To gain an awareness of the presence of various synoptic texts in the Old Testament


• To embrace the contemporary relevance of Chronicles for the Church today
• To grow closer to God through closer study of the Old Testament


• To be able to discuss the relation of Samuel-Kings to Chronicles
• To be able to interpret Chronicles in its historical context
• To be able to apply the message of Chronicles to contemporary audiences