Pauline Studies

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This course will provide an overview of major issues in Pauline studies as well as an opportunity for students to pursue specialized research in the area of Pauline studies. A selection of some historically influential works on Paul will be assigned as required reading and class seminars will discuss the current state of scholarship as regards some important topics. Student research papers will be disseminated near the end of the semester and each paper will receive a formal peer review from a fellow student.


  • Become familiar with historical works that have greatly impacted the field of Pauline studies
  • Recognize the current state of Pauline scholarship as regards both method and content
  • Formulate well-informed opinions about Paul’s life and letters
  • Become an expert on at least one specific area in Pauline studies


  • Become a charitable giver and receiver of critical comments from fellow scholars
  • Reflect upon Paul’s absolute commitment to the divine calling that he understood himself to have received
  • Learn from Paul’s ministry experiences, including both his successes and failures, that leadership decisions can be very complex


  • Survey academic literature on a topic in Pauline Studies
  • Systematically outline the present state of Pauline Studies as regards a particular topic
  • Formulate a method that is capable of addressing an open question in Pauline Studies
  • Write an effective research paper
  • Give an effective academic presentation and then field questions and comments
  • Critically assess a research paper in order to identify its strengths and weaknesses