Theology of Worship

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Each Christian worshiper operates from a particular theological perspective in their worship, whether they realize it or are able to articulate what that theological perspective is or not. Many Christian worshipers still have not actively observed and researched and thought deeply about worship and the God we worship in order to develop their own understanding of the theology of worship. This Theology of Worship course attempts to bring us face to face with the issues of worship in such a way that each student will begin to understand both the broad and more specific historical and theological backgrounds to Christian worship, to their own traditions of worship, and to the worship of believers around them. 


  • Biblical foundations of worship
  • Historical rootedness and trajectory of worship
  • Practical manifestations of worship


  • Shaped by Scripture
  • Taught through history
  • Formed by real encounter with the Holy


  • Reading and research
  • Listening to teachers from history, to cultural voices, to one another, to the Spirit
  • Applying learning and insights in creative and productive projects or papers