Rejection: God's Refugees (Bingham 2013)

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God’s people have always lived as exiles and refugees–from the ancient Israelites to Christians throughout history. This conference explores what it means for God’s people of any age to live as those rejected by their surrounding cultures, and living in the world as refugees. For some, this takes the character of spiritual isolation, living a life of faith within a hostile alien culture. For others, this means living outside their land of origin among strangers and even those hostile to them and their beliefs. This conference explores what it means to be God’s refugees in four broad sweeps–from the Old Testament and its tales of exile, to the Second Temple period and Jewish Christianity, to Gentile Christianity as found in Paul’s letters and Acts, to the present. This world-class group of scholars with a heart and concern for what it means to be God’s people living in refuge explore these various topics within their ancient contexts but with concern for what this means for Christians today. Please click here to find out more about the Bingham colloquia. You can also register online.


9:00Welcome, Announcements, Prayer
Old Testament
Presiding: August Konkel (McMaster Divinity College)
9:15Mark Boda (McMaster Divinity College) - “Nehemiah and Daniel on Diaspora: Tales of (re)Learning and (re)Turning from Susa to Jerusalem”
9:45Paul Evans (McMaster Divinity College) - “Who Says You Can’t Go Home? Comparing the Themes of Diaspora and Exile in Jeremiah and Ezekiel and Their Application as Metaphors for the Church Today”
10:15Respondent: Gord Oeste (Heritage College and Seminary)
Second Temple Judaism/Jewish Christianity
Presiding: Lois Dow (McMaster Divinity College)
11:00Loren Stuckenbruck (Munich) - "Jewish Theologies of Diaspora during the Second Temple Period"
11:30Cynthia Long-Westfall (McMaster Divinity College) - “The Rest of the Story: The Role of the Jewish Christian Communities in the Spread of Christianity”
12:00Respondent: Benjamin Reynolds (Tyndale University College and Seminary)
New Testament
Presiding: Christopher Land (McMaster Divinity College)
1:30Stanley Porter (McMaster Divinity College) - “From Diaspora to Diaspora: Paul Writes to Fellow Refugees”
2:00Eckhard Schnabel (Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary) - “The Role of Persecution in the Early Christian Mission According to the Book of Acts”
2:30Respondent: Christopher Land (McMaster Divinity College)
Contemporary Society
3:15Narry Santos (Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec) - “Diaspora Missions: Contemporary Missiological Significance of the People on the Move”
3:45Q & A
4:00Wrap-up: Stanley Porter
4:15Closing Prayer