2 Peter, Jude

NT 3P1000/5P1000

This course offers a careful study of two New Testament letters that are not often taught or preached. Emphasis is placed on exercising principled interpretation of these letters in their original context, but questions of application in contemporary context is also a significant element in this course. This course is offered to students in the MDiv, MTS, MATM, MACSC, Cert CS, and, with special permission, DPT students. It may be used toward specializations in Biblical Studies (BS) and Pastoral Studies (PS).


  • Describe the key contextual features—both context of situation, context of culture, and co-text—in which the texts of 2 Peter and Jude were written and that constrain their meaning(s)
  • Utilize discourse analysis (a form of Systemic-Functional Linguistic DA called Appraisal Theory) to identify values (interpersonal/orientational meaning) in the letters
  • Recognize key resources regarding 2 Peter and Jude in the academic and pastoral literature


  • Articulate the formative values of 2 Peter and Jude and how they fit in or contribute to one’s statement of faith—or how one struggles to see how they fit or contribute (personal perspective)
  • Express how 2 Peter and Jude are formative for the life of the church in contemporary context and should not be neglected in preaching and teaching (corporate perspective)


  • Engage and dialogue with the text of 2 Peter and Jude as well as the secondary literature, being able to distinguish between academic and pastoral resources and being able to weigh what resources, in either category, are of an appropriate level of quality
  • Analyze the text of 2 Peter and of Jude using a particular discourse analytical methodology
  • Write and present on one’s academic and/or pastoral research and application to an appropriate audience