Professional Ethics

MS 5YE5/6YE6

Winter 2020
face-to-face: Feb 21, 22

Professional ethics is a branch of applied ethics. Professional ethics focuses on the behaviour expected by professionals, such as in medicine, business, education, counselling and ministry. Professional ethics raises questions about what ethical standards or rules ought to govern professionals providing specialized services to the public. This course introduces students to the general study of ethics, and to professional and applied ethics specifically. Topics include: professional duties, clients’ rights, honesty, privacy and confidentiality, integrity and trust issues, social responsibility, conflicts of interest and government regulations.


  • By the end of this course students will possess greater knowledge of professional ethics in the modern world.


  • Through an examination of major ethical questions, students will be encouraged to develop their own ethical way of life that embodies Christian values such as honesty, integrity, respect, and accountability.


  • By the end of this course students will be able to apply theologically-grounded ethical principles to life and ministry contexts across the professions.