Biblical Ethics

CHTH G105-C02, NT/OT 6ZY6

Winter 2018
Mon 10:30 - 12:20 PM

This course will investigate the field of Biblical ethics, exploring the ethical content and resources found in the Bible, the use of the Bible for Christian ethics, and the ethical character of the Bible.



  • To know the history of the discipline of Biblical ethics. To know the variety of ways the Bible contributes to ethical reflection within a Christian framework.
  • To know the various ethical dilemmas evident within the Bible, especially for modern audiences.
  • To have a basic grasp of the history of the discipline of ethics in general and how this discipline relates to the study of the Bible.



  • To embrace the resources of the Bible for ethical reflection today. To catch a vision for Christian ethical reflection.



  • To sharpen one’s skills in interpreting the Bible especially as an ethical resource for Christian life and community.
  • To develop a hermeneutic for Christian ethical reflection on and through the Bible. To construct a resource base for teaching moral dilemmas raised by the Biblical text.