Biblical Interpretation

NT/OT 2A03

Fall 2018
Mon 11:00 AM–12:50 PM

A study of the principles of interpretation and application of the Bible. Attention is given to students developing a clearly defined framework for interpreting the Bible that is biblically and theologically grounded, spiritually sensitive, critically aware and practically relevant.


  • Know sound guidelines for reading and interpreting Scripture.
  • Understand common fallacies of interpretation.
  • Know the types of literature in the Bible, and how they affect interpretation.
  • Know a variety of methods by which the Bible has been interpreted.
  • Know principles for applying the Bible to life, ministry and thought.


  • Be habitually challenged and changed by the reading and study of the Bible.
  • Become an informed and responsible interpreter of the Bible.
  • Be a critical thinker in the process of the constant evaluation of interpretation.
  • Be one who values Scripture deeply.


  • Make specific applications of the Bible to your ministry and/or spiritual formation.
  • Listen and read criticallyIdentify fallacies of interpretation
  • Apply biblical interpretation in a way that is relevant to your specialization.