Biblical Interpretation (DPT)


Winter 2024
Tues 4:00pm - 5:50pm

DPT students who are researching issues that involve different interpretations of Scripture in their community or among Christian groups in conflict will particularly benefit from this course, but this is the place for anyone to build the biblical basis for your research. This is a study of the principles of interpretation and application of the Bible. Attention is given to students developing a clearly defined framework for interpreting the Bible that is biblically and theologically grounded, spiritually sensitive, critically aware and practically relevant. On the other hand, it explores abuses of Scripture.


  • Be able to describe the relationship of one’s identity, life experience, and ministry to your interpretation of the Bible.
  • Possess a strong biblical and theological basis for your practice-led research in hermeneutics that can be clearly articulated
  • Extend your understanding of hermeneutics to larger contexts and new possibilities


  • Cultivate a deeper level of awareness in the practice of hermeneutics
  • Experience joy in the study of interpretation · Cultivate postures of learning and gracious critique in the midst of interpretive debates
  • Maturing habits in spiritual disciplines that keep pace with research


  • Develop your specialization in terms of the nature and needs of your ministry target group and the practices/disciplines of hermeneutics
  • Present your work, accept critique & function as a resource to others in the course
  • Design practical implementation of appropriate actions
  • Demonstrate practice-led research in writing · Recognize cases of Scripture twisting in which the Bible is misused