Biblical Interpretation (MA/PhD)


Winter 2024
Tues 4:00pm - 5:50pm

This is an essential course for anyone who has a high view of Scripture and believes that it is the primary authority for all Christians. This is a study of the principles of interpretation and application of the Bible. Attention is given to students developing a clearly defined framework for interpreting the Bible that is biblically and theologically grounded, spiritually sensitive, critically aware and practically relevant. For the PhD student, it is an opportunity to work on hermeneutics, methodologies and their application, in addition to the practice of pedagogy.


  • Be able to explain sound guidelines for reading and interpreting Scripture
  • Identify common fallacies of interpretation • Recognize the types of literature in the Bible, and how they affect interpretation
  • Name critical methods by which the Bible has been interpreted


  • Be a scholar who works towards a coherent theology and practice of hermeneutics and exegesis
  • Appreciate the variety of interpretive approaches and positions
  • Academic transformation in a faith context in which Scripture is valued


  • Research an issue, methodology, or text in biblical interpretation/hermeneutics
  • Teach a unit on biblical interpretation at the seminary level
  • Develop a syllabus to teach biblical interpretation at the undergraduate level