Counselling for Dying and Grieving


This course is designed to equip persons in church settings for effective care and counselling with grieving individuals at a level appropriate to their role and education. It explores the Biblical, theological, psychological, and social understandings of grief across the life cycle span. Ministry application will focus on the life and work of the local congregation, the ministry of chaplains, and pastoral counselling. This class will use role play, small group sharing, and individual assessments to focus on care and counselling with grieving persons.


  • To understand the process of grief and dying
  • To become familiar with theological foundations for facing, coping, and growing with grief
  • To understand the variables of grieving in the context of culture, social class, and gender differences



  • To develop positive attitudes toward counseling with those who are dying and grieving
  • To utilize their own grieving experiences to assist others to grieve



  • To enable students to become clear about the tasks of grief
  • To utilize religious rituals, worship resources, and spiritual reserves in caring with persons who grieve.