Critical Events in Christian History

CH 3XG3/5XG5/6XG6

Winter 2020
Tues 9:00 AM - 10:50 AM

This course examines a wide variety of critical events that have shaped the course of Christian history over the past two thousand years. Specific events and individuals will be examined (e.g. conversion of Constantine), as will be broader movements that impacted the church (e.g. Fall of Constantinople, rise of the Papacy, Renaissance). Analysis will focus on the ways in which historians have understood the events over the centuries, as well as focus on developing an approach to historical research that is able to discern carefully claims of causation in history.


  • to provide students with a broad understanding of how the church has grown and developed over the centuries
  • to examine specifically the critical events in the church’s history that shaped significantly subsequent generations


  • to explore (and ultimately appreciate) the different expressions of spirituality as practiced by the church throughout history
  • to create an awareness of the breadth and diversity of the church, and provide a sense of “place” within the many church traditions


  • to develop an ability to assess documents and situations from an historical perspective
  • to acquire an ability to assess textbooks and monographs for the author’s assumptions and methodology
  • to develop advanced research and writing skills