Critical Studies in Prayer

PhD - CHTH G105 - C01 MA - OT 6ZC6

This course focuses attention on recent research on prayer and prayer texts in the Old Testament. Key streams of research over the past few decades will be investigated with the opportunity for students to engage key passages utilizing new methodologies.


  • To have a thorough knowledge of critical studies on the history, sociology, literature, and theology associated with prayer texts in the Old Testament
  • To understand the key methodologies which have been used for study of these texts in the Old Testament and ancient Israel and Judah.


  • To gain a deeper appreciation for the theological potential of prayer texts for Christian believers
  • To be challenged to deeper personal faith in God by these prayer texts and their message.


  • To be able to access the best resources for the study of prayer in the Old Testament
  • To employ recent methodologies for the study of prayer and its associated literature
  • To continue to increase Hebrew translation skills
  • To hone the ability to critically review literature and written papers in an oral setting