Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning*

CHTH G125-C06

This course is designed to prepare PhD students for a teaching role in an educational institution, and is intended to transition them from a learning mode to a teaching mode. It addresses knowledge, attitudes, and skills that are essential for effective teaching that will be rewarding for both the professor and the students. Although undergirded by educational theory, it will take a primarily practical focus. Topics covered will include teaching philosophies, spirituality in teaching, learning competencies and outcomes, teaching and learning styles, teacher and student roles, course design and lesson planning, teaching methods, questioning technique, assignment design and evaluation, student diversity, individual accommodations, the use of technology, and online teaching. Students will develop their own philosophy of education for use in the job search process, and consider effective interview strategies.


  • To understand the varying roles of the teacher and learners in the classroom, whether actual or virtual
  • To know a variety of approaches to teaching and evaluation that will promote effective learning
  • To understand how to accommodate the various needs of learners, considering factors such as age, gender, cultural background, and those who are differently abled or learn differently.


  • To clarify one’s spiritual calling as a Christian teacher
  • To develop a personal philosophy of education
  • To cultivate an attitude of lifelong learning and personal growth
  • To develop an appreciation of the value of students with diverse personalities, abilities, and goals


  • To create lessons and courses that implement effective teaching and learning strategies
  • To explore and develop skill in using various learning technologies
  • To develop skill in designing and using formative and summative evaluation tools
  • To develop an effective teaching style and presence