Devotional Practices In The New Testament

NT 3XD3/5XD5/6XD6

Winter 2019
Tues 7:00PM to 9:00PM

This course will will combine the study of the devotional practices in the New Testament with an element of interactive experience in which we explore the application of early Christian devotional practices together. Students who specialize in biblical studies will find insight into the contexts of the early church, its Scripture, and its additional early Christian literature, the application of biblical theology to the study of devotion and worship, and the goal of bridging the gap between biblical scholarship and contemporary application. Students who specialize in Christ and Culture will find that when they encounter Christ through the engagement of the two horizons of first century Christianity and twenty-first century Western culture, that it will yield insights into the personal and global issues of Christ and culture. Students who specialize in Pastoral Studies will find fresh and practical approaches to biblical practices of devotion and worship that will enrich them personally and equip them for ministry. Come to class with an open mind and a willingness to step out of our twenty-first century comfort zones.


  • Know the spectrum of devotional practices in the New Testament and early Christianity
  • Understand the social, historical, literary and religious cultural contexts in which the early church developed its devotional practices
  • Grasp the nature of devotion to Jesus within exclusive monotheism


  • Be open to biblical practices and experiences of devotion and worship
  • Grow in commitment to the Lordship of Jesus Christ


  • Participate in interactive practices of devotion and worship
  • Research and write a paper on an aspect of early Christian devotion that is suitable for the student’s area of specialization.
  • Utilize the research and course resources to develop a project in the area of the student’s specialization that speaks to the contemporary context.