Doctrine of the Trinity

PhD - CHTH G105-C07 or MA - TH 6ZR6

This course is an in-depth study of the doctrine of the Trinity. It considers issues related to theological method and the Trinity as well as the historical development of the doctrine through an examination of central figures, events, and periods. The course will include a virtual seminar format, which invites a high level of student participation through the presentation of student research and discussions.


  • Learn primary figures in the history of trinitarian theology
  • Learn key historical moments in the history of trinitarian theology
  • Learn key terms and concepts of trinitarian theology
  • Learn key figures and movements in contemporary trinitarian theology
  • Learn key contributions to the Trinity from non-Western figures


  • Develop a sense for the significance of the Trinity for Christian formation
  • Appreciate the value of diverse trinitarian traditions, especially the contributions from non-Western sources


  • Engage in scholarly and professional interaction with colleagues
  • Read and intelligently discuss assigned readings
  • Present a scholarly analysis of a primary text related to the Trinity
  • Write and present a scholarly book review on a significant secondary source treating the Trinity
  • Write and present a scholarly research-thesis paper on a topic related to the Trinity
  • Respond to and facilitate a scholarly and collegial in-class discussion on a thesis paper