Early Christian Spirituality

TH 3XE3/5XE5

Description What is spirituality? How did the early Church understand those ideas and practices that we now refer to as “spiritual?” This course provides an opportunity to explore and develop scholarly expertise in both the practical expressions of early Christian worship, fellowship, and devotional traditions, and in the theological assumptions behind those practices.

Specializations: Christian History and Worldview, Pastoral Studies, Counselling and Spiritual Care


  • Know the various expressions of spirituality present in the early church.
  • Know the key contributors – the major voices that influenced faith practices & worship.


  • Our objective is to become critically aware and receptive to varied traditions and expressions of Christian faith.
  • Our goal is to analyze our own ways of thinking in view of early traditions and ideas.


  • This course aims to deepen our understanding of spirituality such that it would cause us to critically examine and further nurture our faith.