Evangelical Theology & Traditions

TH 3XE3/5XE5/6XE6

Winter 2020
Sat 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

This course explores the key areas of evangelical theology and the movements (e.g., Fundamentalism, Neo-Evangelicalism, and Pentecostalism) that constitute the evangelical tradition. Although it cannot be comprehensive, it focuses on the key historical developments and theology of the movement. Theological topics covered include Scripture and revelation, Christ and the cross, and the Holy Spirit and salvation. The overriding concern of this course is the way these doctrines shape evangelical life and ministry.


  • Know key episodes and movements in the history of North American Evangelicalism.
  • Know key historical and contemporary evangelical thinkers and their influence on the movement.
  • Know key areas of evangelical theology.
  • Know ways that evangelical theology informs the practice of contemporary Christian life and ministry.


  • Appreciate ways key areas of evangelical theology can inform your Christian life and ministry.
  • Participate in the dynamic and personal nature of theology.
  • Appreciate that theology is a dynamic and contextual effort to discern appropriate ways to embody the redemption revealed in Jesus Christ.


  • Identify and describe your relationship to Evangelicalism and its theology.
  • Develop expertise in an area of evangelical theology, history, or ministry.
  • Engage in the process of critical and constructive theological reflection.