Expansion of Global Christianity


An examination of the rise of Christianity from an obscure first-century sect to a sixteenth-century global religion. Key events, persons, and theological themes will be examined, as well as important trends and trajectories in both western (Catholic) and eastern (Orthodox) Christianity.


  • to provide students with an understanding of how the Church has grown and developed over the centuries, and how it grew from an obscure sect to a global religion
  • to examine various ways in which the Church has attempted to live in and engage with the wider culture
  • to help students understand the process of theological development


  • to explore (and ultimately appreciate) the different expressions of spirituality as practiced by the Church throughout history
  • to create an awareness of the breadth and diversity of the Church, and provide a sense of “place” within the many church traditions


  • to develop in each student an ability to assess documents and situations from a historical perspective