Foundations For Effective Ministry

MS 1B03b

Winter 2018
Tues 1:30 - 3:20 PM

This course is designed to help students explore what it means to engage the world in a distinctly Christian way and orient their lives, talents, callings and abilities around God’s perspective on the world and how we are invited to participate in his transformational purposes for it. The course will help students consider how a theological vision for life in this world and a personal encounter with God influences every aspect of life regardless of what their own specific calling may be. Students will consider the key elements of a Christian worldview, a foundational philosophy of Christian leadership and an introduction to the mission of the church.



  • To help students understand the concept of worldview and how it is formed; and in particular to help discernment in the role of leadership for the kingdom in this world.
  • To help students understand foundational scriptural and theological principles and/or categories for the mission of the Church in contemporary Canadian culture, and in light of the concerns of post-Christendom. In particular, to explore the Christian call to leadership as an obligation to serve and nurture.
  • To understand key features of contemporary Canadian culture as they relate to issues of spiritual need, and the proclamation of the Christian message.
  • To help students understand foundational scriptural and theological principles for leadership in the church in contemporary Canadian culture, and how we can, through a ministry of leadership, call those in secular leadership to embrace these same principles.



  • To encourage reflection and integration in terms of personal, congregational, and political aspects of Christian identity.
  • To help students develop confidence in their own ability to proclaim the Christian gospel and lead a congregation in evangelistic enterprise.
  • To develop a clear connection between one’s inner life as a Christian leader and one’s effectiveness as a Christian leader.
  • To help students develop confidence in their own unique, God given style of leadership.



  • To help students develop and/or hone their own worldview, and through this to influence their environment through Spirit-led leadership.
  • To help students develop their own philosophy of mission and evangelism for their lives and the church.
  • To equip students with relevant strategies for leadership development and practice that will inform their engagement and influence in all their communities of service.