MA/PhD - Gender in Ministry


Fall 2019
In-Course Sessions: Oct. 18-19

Gender is one of the most crucial issues facing the church. The #metoo movment and the debate on the role of men and women in the home, church and society may be the major issues among North American evangelicals, and recently, the relationship of gender to the doctrine of the Trinity has been a major focus. Whatever your position, understanding the times necessitates a focus on gender and ministry. We will allow you the space that you need to process the issues. Christian leaders and committed lay people will do well to understand the current situation, work on a coherent biblical theology, and discern their own role and ministry or courses of action in the home, church and culture. This course will give each student the opportunity and resources to explore this issue in their area of specialization and to benefit from the insights and contributions of the other areas. The focus of research in the course may extend beyond gender roles to include contemporary concerns such as sexuality and sexual behavior, eating disorders, pornography, domestic violence and the sex trade.


This hybrid course will be a study of the biblical role of gender in ministry as it relates to the Church & Culture, Christian Worldview and Pastoral Studies. The title of the course, Gender & Ministry, reflects an interest in the issues of both genders. As a hybrid course, the format of the course will include weekly assignments accomplished online and online discussion as well as meeting Oct 18 & 19, two WebEx sessions and major papers.


  • Understand the concept of gender and how it relates to various issues, practices and problems.
  • Understand the role gender has played in the student’s own story
  • Know the key biblical texts that concern gender and work towards understanding their interpretation within a coherent biblical theology


  • Experience a fusion of identity in Christ, calling and community with gender
  • Be a proactive participant in the evangelical conversation on gender in a way that is consistent with the student’s calling


  • Process current gender issues and concerns with classmates.
  • Research a topic of personal interest concerning gender and ministry
  • Produce a portfolio project on gender in the area of specialization
  • Specific biblical engagement, application, exercise, realization, or practice