Grace in the Christian Life (DPT)


Spring 2022
Mon 1:00 - 2:50pm

This course explores the biblical, historical, and contemporary ways that Christians understand Christian redemption. Considering the nature of human brokenness (sin) is part of this discussion. It considers historical issues related to atonement theology and traditional doctrines of justification and sanctification. It also explores contemporary ways Christians endeavour to participate in God’s grace through various ministries and cultural activities.


  • Know a variety of biblical, historical, and contemporary ways Christians have understood grace and its meaning for Christian life and ministry.
  • Know some of the key challenges and controversies on Christian understandings of grace and salvation (e.g., the Incarnation in the early church and the challenge of proclaiming Christ in a post-Christendom cultural context).
  • Know some of the contemporary new directions and emphases in Christian views of grace and salvation and how they shape contemporary visions for Christian life and ministry.


  • Appreciate that theology is a dynamic and contextual effort to discern appropriate ways to embody the redemption revealed in Jesus Christ.
  • Embrace a deeper sense of your own Christian identity and how to live your Christian life vis-à-vis contemporary culture.


  • Investigate and write a constructive paper on a biblical theology of grace.
  • Develop an understanding of a Christian theology of grace that is both credible within culture and authentic to the Gospel.
  • Develop skills in academic analysis, writing, and presentation of research.