Greek Exegesis of Romans


The New Testament Book of Romans has had a major impact on Christian theology and Church History; it is arguably among the most influential books in the Bible. It is effective for spiritual formation and at the same time challenging and doctrinal. This class combines aspects of two courses. The Greek Exegesis course is dedicated to the interpretative study of the Greek text of the Epistle to the Romans, and the study of Greek grammar and translation which takes place in weekly tutorials.  The English exegesis course focuses on the content, interpretation, message, and application of the Epistle to the Romans. Together, the two courses address matters of literary environment & genre, historical social and occasional context, structure, and interpretive problems.


  • Understand the Romans in its social, historical, literary and religious contexts.
  • Increase one’s knowledge of the Greek of the New Testament through interaction with Romans, its vocabulary, grammars and modern tools.
  • Consider the message and structure of the text as a whole and in terms of its component parts.


  • Build skills in Greek in order to benefit from advanced commentaries and articles.
  • Integrate the scholarship of exegesis and translation with the devotional commitment, obedience to Scripture and spiritual formation.


  • Analyze Romans interpretively and discuss issues of grammar, syntax, discourse and lexicography.
  • Translate for the articulation and communication of Scripture to a target group.
  • Apply an exegetical method for studying the New Testament.
  • Apply Romans to concrete ministry contexts.