History of Christianity in Canada

CH 3XC3/5XC35/6XC6

Fall 2023
Tues 4:00pm - 5:50pm

This course is a historical study of the growth, organization, personalities, development, and struggles of Christianity in Canada. Attention will be given to all three major streams of Christianity (Roman Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant), however the primary focus of the class will be on Canadian Protestantism.


  • To provide students with an understanding of how Canadian churches initially developed in the Canadian context o to examine various ways in which churches have attempted
  • To respond to the significant social and religious changes since the 1960s
  • To help students understand the process of theological development (especially as it relates to church-culture and church-state issues)


  • To explore (and ultimately appreciate) the different expressions of spirituality as practiced by the churches
  • To create an awareness of the breadth and diversity of the Canadian churches, and provide a sense of “place” within the many church traditions


  • To develop in each student an ability to assess documents and situations from an historical perspective
  • To be able to communicate in a culturally relevant way in the Canadian context