Introduction To Biblical Hebrew 1 (Online)

OT 1G03

This course introduces students to biblical Hebrew in order to impart an active knowledge of the language. This course sets students on a journey of learning Hebrew, which will greatly enhance their capacity for study in the biblical texts and prove a tremendous aid to interpretation. Students will learn the Hebrew alphabet, pronunciation, and the basics of the grammar, syntax, and vocabulary of the language of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament. Emphasis will be on morphology (words and their forms) and syntax (how words fit together to make coherent sentences). The course also places a strong emphasis on acquiring a broad Hebrew vocabulary. During this course students will begin to read the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible in its original language. A follow up course on the second half of the text is offered. 


  • To build a solid basic vocabulary of Classical Hebrew words
  • To understand the basic forms of Hebrew words as they are used in various ways in sentences
  • To understand the use of grammars and dictionaries in translating Hebrew texts


  • To embrace the value of understanding the original language in exegeting the biblical text
  • To enrich one’s understanding of another culture through knowledge of that culture’s language
  • To deepen one’s relationship with God through interacting with Scripture.


  • To begin to translate texts from the Hebrew Scriptures
  • To engage with the Scriptures in their original language and context