Introduction To New Testament Greek 1 (Online)

NT 1G03

An online study of the Greek language in the New Testament that leads to the mastery of the general principles of grammar and syntax.



  • The student will learn the basic morphology, syntax, and vocabulary of the Greek of the New Testament.
  • The student will be able to translate New Testament Greek into contemporary English.
  • The student will learn how to use a standard New Testament lexicon.
  • The student will have a basic understanding of the theory of Aspect as it relates to Greek verbs.



  • The student will appreciate and discover new meaning in the Bible‚Äôs original language.
  • The student will gain a great level of satisfaction by reading the New Testament in its original language.
  • The student will benefit in their personal relationship with God by reading and studying the New Testament in more depth.



  • The student will be able to use the Greek Bible in personal study, preaching and academic exegetical work.
  • The student will be better equipped to engage with critical scholarship on the New Testament.