Introduction to New Testament Greek 2 (Online) W19

NT 1H03

Course Description:

An online study of the Greek language in the New Testament that leads to the mastery of the general principles of grammar and syntax.


  • The student will learn morphology, grammar, syntax, and vocabulary of Koine Greek
  • The student will be able to translate Koine Greek into contemporary English
  • The student will know how to use a New Testament Greek lexicon
  • The student will be exposed to the current discussions on Greek linguistics


  • The student will be competent in a new (but ancient) language
  • The student will be a reader of the New Testament in its original language
  • The student will be a better exegete and preacher in knowing the original language of the New Testament
  • The student will be confident in interacting with other resources, such as commentaries, and will be able to discern correct interpretations of the NT


  • The student will use the Greek Bible in personal study, preaching, and academic exegetical work
  • The student will be better equipped to engage with critical scholarship on the New Testament