Ministry and Evangelical Thought*

MS/TH 3XV3/5XV5/6XV6

Last Revised: December 14, 2020

The purpose of this course is to trace the development of evangelicalism from its early appearance in the Church of England to its present-day global varieties. Evangelicalism will also be related to other forms of Protestantism before it, and other Christian movements that have continued beside it, grown up with it, separated from it, or been influenced by it. The purpose of this course is also to explore how evangelicals have thought about and practiced ministry since the eighteenth century. Attention will be placed on the diversity of ministry structures, theologies, and dominant personalities, as well as on having students develop their own vocational objectives in the light of previous evangelical people and patterns.


  • to provide an understanding of how the evangelicalism has grown and developed in a variety of countries and continents
  • to place the contemporary issues evangelicalism faces within a broader historical context
  • to know how evangelicalism is similar to, and different from, other expressions of Christianity
  • to understand the various forms of ministry practiced by evangelicals over the centuries 


  • to explore (and ultimately appreciate) the different expressions of spirituality as practiced by various evangelicals
  • to provide a sense of “place” within the many church traditions, especially within evangelicalism


  • to develop a pattern for one’s own vocational direction
  • to develop in each student an ability to assess documents and situations from an historical perspective