Ministry Formation 1

MF 3P1011A

Fall 2024
*Must also register for corresponding Ministry Formation in the Winter 2025 term

This course is an experiential learning course that encompasses five key components. A ministry placement that requires 8 hours per week of engagement in an ongoing ministry context, the development of a ministry learning covenant that sets learning goals for the placement, connection to an experienced ministry practitioner as a placement supervisor, regular meetings with an external ministry mentor (appointed by MDC) and several forms of evaluation at the end of the placement. Three courses in Ministry formation are required for students in the MDiv program and one course is required for students in the MTS program.


Ministry Formation will help students to develop their own theology and the skill to reflect on ministry theologically drawing from personal experience as a resource for theological development. Further it will offer to students the opportunity to integrate theological thought with ministry practice.

  • Students will be able to describe the significance of Theological Reflection on ministry experience.
  • Students will apply the integration of Theological resources with ministry practice


Spiritual formation is the cornerstone of effective ministry. Formation for ministry must introduce basic spiritual practices for spiritual growth and long-term inner health.

  • Students will identify specific points of self-care in ministry
  • Students will cultivate the practice of spiritual disciplines in ministry

Ministry formation should help students get in touch with who they are as a ministering person, both strengths and growing edges. It should help them gain an honest understanding of the potential baggage that they bring to ministry. Further, it needs to provide them with the opportunity to explore and identify their sense of personal calling to ministry.

  • Students will gain a deeper understanding of their personal calling to ministry
  • Students will have a greater ability to articulate their gifts and leadership aptitudes


This course will help students to focus on the development of ministry skills with a view to skill discovery and enhancement.

  • Students will be able to identify key skills required for Christian ministry
  • Students will gain insight into the importance of becoming a collaborative learner through engagement in a learning network of ministry mentors and experienced practitioners.