Mission and Evangelism


Fall 2022
Thur 4:00 - 5:50pm

This course is an exploration of the challenges of and approaches to mission and evangelism in a 21st century, Western context. Students will be encouraged to develop and/or hone their own theology of mission and evangelism as well as formulate creative approaches to mission and evangelism within the Western cultural context. Particular attention will be given to evangelistic challenges, possible approaches to evangelism, congregationally based mission and issues of contemporary social concern.


  • To help students understand foundational scriptural and theological principles and/or categories for the mission of the Church in contemporary Canadian culture, and in light of the concerns of post-Christendom.
  • To understand key features of contemporary Western/Canadian culture as they relate to issues of spiritual need, and the proclamation of the Christian message.
  • To become conversant with a range of relevant approaches to mission and evangelism in the context of the contemporary church.


  • To encourage reflection and integration in terms of personal, congregational, and political aspects of Christian identity.
  • To help students develop confidence in their own ability to proclaim the Christian gospel and lead a congregation in evangelistic enterprise.


  • To understand the critical components of nurturing and leading change so that they can be implemented in transitioning churches from maintenance to mission.
  • To develop skills in conducting a critical literature review.
  • To create a change management paradigm that can be self-reflected upon in my presence ministry context and so it might be practiced and adapted to local congregations.