Old Testament Theology: The Heartbeat of the Old Testament

OT/TH 3XE3/5XE5/6XE6

Fall 2018
Sat 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

This course provides orientation to core theological expressions as well as the multiplex themes that emerge from the Old Testament. These expressions and themes will be traced into the New Testament with reflection on their relevance for Christian theology, ethics and spirituality today. The discipline of Old Testament theology will be engaged and students will have an opportunity to develop their own hermeneutic for reading the Old Testament as Christian Scripture with relevance for Christian community, witness and ministry.


  • That the students have a firm intellectual grasp of the discipline of Old Testament and Biblical Theology. That the students know the core themes that dominate the Old Testament and their relevance to Christian Theology.


  • That the students gain an appreciation for the Old Testament as a source for Christian Theology. That the students experience a deeper relationship with God through their encounter of God and his ways with humanity in the Old Testament.


  • That the students acquire competency in tracing themes throughout the Old Testament and how they relate to the New Testament and Christian Theology. That students acquire competency in interpreting an OT text in light of the broader witness of Biblical Theology.