Perspectives on Christian Spirituality

MS 3XC3/5XC5/6XC6

Fall 2019
Sat 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Sept. 28; Oct. 26; Nov. 16; Dec. 7

The aim of this course is to help students cultivate an integrated Christian spirituality that brings together a wide vision of what Christian Spirituality is. It will focus on the activist side of Christian spirituality as well as the contemplative side, with a view to helping students learn to hold these two aspects of Christian spirituality in creative tension. The course will seek to address such questions as, how can we cultivate a life that is rooted in Christ and provides us with the inner resources that enable us to live compassionately?  How do we work and do ministry with satisfaction? How do we enter into leisure joyfully? How do we give leadership from a centered place? How can we deal with adversity? While the course will explore many different dimensions of Christian spirituality it will seek to stay deeply rooted in the realities of Christian theology and experience. While the course is broad in its application some special attention will be given to spirituality and life as a ministering person.


  • Students will gain a broader understanding of Christian spirituality and how the practice of various spiritual disciplines helps to enable Christian spiritual formation.
  • Students will gain insight into the special challenges of living the spiritual life as a ministering person whether ministry is done professionally or as a layperson.
  • Students will develop an enhanced perspective on how to integrate their spiritual life with the realities and challenges of living in a Post-Christian culture.


  • Students will be given opportunity to reflect on their own approach to the spiritual life and how their spirituality can be integrated with their lives as ministering people.
  • Students will be given opportunity to reflect on the ways God is inviting them grow spiritually.


  • Students will begin to consider ways to include new spiritual disciplines and perspectives into their daily lives and the work of ministry.
  • Students will develop a fresh perspective for ongoing spiritual formation for their lives.