Preaching Resurrection

MS 3PR3/5PR5/6PR6

Winter 2023
Mon 2:00 - 3:50pm

At the core of the church’s faith in God is the resurrection of Jesus from death. Notwithstanding contemporary efforts to reduce resurrection to metaphor, myth, or psychology, Jesus’ in-person post-mortem return to his disciples encapsulates God’s intent to bestow life in reversal of human failure, suffering, and death, thus making “all things new.” This conviction is the ultimate focus of all Christian preaching and the source of its power. Beyond explorations of doctrine or belief alone, “Preaching Resurrection” entails an all-encompassing orientation to God’s gift of life in the life and ministry of the church.


  • To examine the theological and historical foundations of belief in the resurrection of Jesus.
  • To explore the implications of Jesus’ resurrection for Christian identity, Christian ministry, and homiletical theology in particular.
  • To articulate an interim theological ethic for Christian ministry in the context of pilgrimage.


  • To situate personal spiritual autobiography in the context of Jesus’ resurrection.
  • To foster ministerial identity and function in relation to the identity of Christ.
  • To be formed together as a learning community


  • To develop skill in the devotional application of a Christian worldview.
  • To gain practice in preparation, delivery, and assessment of sermons that focus on resurrection and its implications for Christian life.
  • To develop greater facility in fostering the spiritual growth of fellow disciples.