Spiritual Formation in the Church

MS 3XS3/5XS5/6XS6

Fall 2018
Tues 2:00 PM - 2:50 PM

However, more careful attention must be given to research on faith development, the structure of Christian commitment, and how spiritual practices are employed to advance the spiritual life of congregations. Participants will be challenged to reflect on their own experiences of spiritual formation in the church and to develop new approaches to the formation of faith in the context of Christian community. The course will focus on the nature of spiritual formation in the context of a faith community. The problems and complexities of spiritual formation will be explored and examined with a view towards strategic proposals for cultivation of authentic spiritual life in community. The historical trajectory of developments in Christian spirituality will be explored. Assumptions regarding spirituality will be uncovered and fresh paradigms for the postmodern context will be developed in dialogue with other course participants. The course design assumes a high level of commitment to the development of strategic proposals for spiritual formation.


  • Participants will expand their knowledge of the dynamics of spiritual formation and the historical trajectory of Christian spirituality.
  • Participants will learn to think theologically about discipleship and the practices the facilitate spiritual formation.
  • Participants will gain insight into the complexities of spiritual formation in the context of the faith community.


  • Participants will deepen their commitment as spiritual guides in the process of spiritual formation in the church.
  • Participants will refresh their own spiritual practices of communion with God.


  • Participants will develop a paradigm for spiritual formation for their unique ministry context.
  • *MA/Phd and DPT participants will prepare and deliver a graduate level lecture on a key theme of spiritual formation.