The Book of Hebrews (Greek Exegesis)


Fall 2019
Mon 4:00 PM - 5:50 PM

The Book of Hebrews is one of the least known books in the New Testament but has so much to offer every student. For the Greek student, it is the best Greek in the New Testament. The core of this course is an exegetical and interpretative study of the Book of Hebrews in English translation and in the analysis and translation of the Greek. This class involves an acquaintance with structure, content, message, context and other interpretive issues of Hebrews as well.


  • The student will know the characteristic vocabulary of Hebrews, basic Greek grammar that will aid in preaching, exegetical skills for preaching and how to access resources for the use of Greek in ministry.
  • The student will know the Hebrews teaching on how to draw closer to God.
  • The student will understand Hebrews in its social, historical, literary and religious Jewish Hellenistic context
  • The student will be familiar with critical views concerning introductory questions (i.e. authorship, date, settings, etc.) and identify the features in the text that illuminate the options.


  • The student will be spiritually challenged by the message of Hebrews.
  • The student will appreciate the distinctive content and theology of the text and goal(s) of the author.
  • The student will enter into partnership with Jesus in his heavenly calling.


  • The student will review the manuscript of the NCCS Commentary on the Book of Hebrews
  • The student will develop skills in translating and reading Greek for preaching.
  • The student will apply insights from Greek to exegesis.