The Book of Hebrews: How to Find God in your Time of Crisis (DPT)


Fall 2021
Wed 10:00 - 11:50am

The study of Hebrews draws us into mystery, controversy, deep theology and extreme challenge, but most of all it’s a guide to spirituality in a time of crisis! For the DPT student, Hebrews is particularly relevant to spiritual disciplines and cross-cultural and situated call of the church to obedience. The Book of Hebrews is one of the least known books in the New Testament but has so much to offer every student. All will benefit from the exploration of its meaning for today in discipleship, community and ministry, and ultimately Hebrews carves a path straight into the presence of God. The core of this course is an exegetical and interpretative study of the Book of Hebrews in English translation. This class involves an acquaintance with structure, content, message, context and other interpretive issues of Hebrews as well.


  • The student will know the Hebrews message/content on how to draw closer to God and consider representations of the means by which people access God during crises
  • The student will understand Hebrews in its social, historical, literary and religious Jewish Hellenistic context and relate it to relevant contemporary contexts


  • The student will be spiritually challenged by message of Hebrews.
  • The student will make tangible connections between Hebrews, theology and action in practice-led research


  • Determine and present to the class your research interest and your key sources in Hebrews
  • Articulate the biblical and theological basis from Hebrews for your research
  • Produce practice-led research in your area of interest drawn from the study of Hebrews