The Book Of Hebrews

NT 3XT3/5XT5/6XT6

Winter 2019
Wed 2:00PM to 3:50PM

The study of the book of Hebrews will provide an excellent resource for students who specialize in Biblical Studies, Church and Culture or Pastoral Studies as well as DPT & PhD students. The student who specializes in Biblical studies will find right insight into its argument and theology, its hermeneutics in its use of the Old Testament, key passages, and classic interpretive problems. The student who specializes in Church and Culture will find the corresponding relevance of ancient literature, thought symbols and stories to our contemporary worldview. The student who specializes in Pastoral Studies will encounter a text that is written to help a first century Christian community in a time of crisis, equipping them to find the face of God as they faced suffering, homelessness and forced immigration. Therefore, when understood in its context, Hebrews is not only a book that helps us to encounter Jesus at a deeper level, but it models exegetical and theological skills spiritual disciplines and the development of vision and mission.
The core of this course is an exegetical and interpretative study of the Book of Hebrews in English translation. This class involves an acquaintance with structure, content, message, context and other interpretive issues of Hebrews as well. However, all will benefit from the exploration of its meaning for today in discipleship, community and ministry.


  • The student will know the Hebrews teaching on how to draw closer to God and its use in preaching, teaching and Bible Study.
  • The student will understand Hebrews in its social, historical, literary and religious Jewish Hellenistic context.
  • The student will be familiar with critical views concerning introductory questions (i.e. authorship, date, settings, etc.) and identify the features in the text that illuminate the options



  • The student will be spiritually challenged by message of Hebrews.
  • The student will appreciate the distinctive content and theology of the text and goal(s) of the author.
  • The student will enter into partnership with Jesus in his heavenly calling.



  • The student will review the manuscript of the NCCS Commentary on the Book of Hebrews, and read other studies on Hebrews.
  • The student will research and write a paper on an aspect of Hebrews in the area of their specialization.
  • The student will utilize their research and the course resources to develop a strategy for the re-presentation of a passage, theme or issue in Hebrews in the area of their specialization in a contemporary context.