The Lord’s Prayer and Christian Spirituality

MS 3XL3/5XL5/6XL6

Winter 2024
Wed 2:00pm - 3:50pm

This course will explore Jesus’ experience of and teaching about prayer (above all the “Lord’s Prayer”) as the foundational model for Christian spirituality in general and Christian prayer in particular. Special attention will be given to John’s Gospel, within which Jesus’ experience of God provides the foundation for the spirituality of his disciples. Students are encouraged to examine their own understanding and practice of Christian spirituality on the basis of this perspective. Consideration will also be given to prayer as it is presented and practised throughout the remainder of the New Testament, in relation to the identity and spirituality of Jesus.


  • To explore the theological foundations of Christian spirituality as a reflection of the spirituality of Jesus.
  • To examine New Testament evidence regarding the prayer and spiritual practices of Jesus, his first disciples, and the early church.


  • To develop an awareness of spiritual identity and personal spiritual formation as foundational aspects of ministerial leadership.
  • To help students clarify their own spirituality identities and preferred patterns of devotional practice.
  • To function corporately as a community of learning.


  • To develop skills in the devotional application of scriptural and theological insight
  • To practise a range of spiritual exercises and models of prayer.
  • To develop greater facility in fostering the spiritual growth of fellow disciples.