The Message of Isaiah: The Holy One of Israel, the Suffering Servant & Coming King

OT 3X13

Winter 2022
Tues 9:00am - 10:50am

Isaiah is known as “the prince of the prophets” and the book named after him is probably the most famous Old Testament prophetic book. There is a majestic character to the book, with its towering theology and memorable passages arguably unmatched in holy writ. In order to appreciate its theological depth and wrestle with its interpretation, this course undertakes a thorough examination of the book of Isaiah in light of the historical and literary setting of the book and the experience of ancient Israel. Special emphasis will be placed on the composition of the book, the call of the prophet, messianic passages, the servant songs and the book’s teaching on social justice. This study will emphasize the importance of the original historical context and its message to its original audience, but also examine the later reception history of the prophecies of the book. In its pages, the prophet brings together the coming glory of the Messiah along with the humiliation of the Suffering servant making it essential for understanding the mission and ministry of Jesus in the New Testament. The message of the book of Isaiah will be examined in an effort to discover its continuing relevance for the church and society today.


  • To have an introductory knowledge and understanding of the prophetic book of Isaiah
  • To understand and appreciate the challenges to the unity of Isaiah
  • Gain an understanding of the literary structure of the book of Isaiah
  • To gain an understanding of the contemporary relevance of the Book of Isaiah for the Church today


  • To embrace the contemporary relevance of the book of Isaiah for the Church and society today
  • To become a faithful and informed interpreter of Isaiah
  • To grow closer to God through study of the book of Isaiah


  • To be able to trace out themes that run throughout the Isaiah, (Zion, Trust, Holiness, Worship, the former things, Justice, and Messiah
  • To describe key prophetic literary forms and their conventions
  • To be able to describe key OT historical events, tracing them chronologically and geographically and understand their significance for interpreting the book of Isaiah
  • To be able to articulate the implications of Isaianic theology for a systematic theology and a Christian worldview.
  • To complete an in-depth study on a passage from Isaiah