The Reformation: Triumph and Tragedy

CH/TH 3XR3/5XR5/6XR6

Winter 2024
Wed 2:00pm - 3:50pm

This course deals with the roots, development, and significance of the sixteenth century reformations in Christianity – Protestant and Catholic – in their social contexts. It identities key people, movements, events, and ideas, as well as briefly outlines the early developments of some significant subsequent movements such as Puritanism.


  • To provide students with an understanding of the major events and personalities, as well as the significant theological, political, and social issues that shaped the Reformation Era


  • To explore (and ultimately appreciate) the different expressions of reform practiced by the various Protestant reform movements, as well as by the reformers within the Roman Catholic Church
  • To create an awareness of the breadth and diversity of the Church, and provide a sense of “place” within the many church traditions


  • To develop in each student an ability to assess documents and situations from an historical perspective