Theology and Practice of Ministry

MS 3TM3/5TM5

Winter 2023
Thur 2:00 - 3:50pm

This course assists students to develop their understanding and practice of Christian ministry in the context of congregational formation, balancing attention to biblical and theological foundations with development of practical skills.


  • To explore the theological foundations of Christian ministry as rooted in, responsive to, and reflective of the character and saving action of God.
  • To examine the theological foundations of Christian practices such as baptism, prayer, preaching, spiritual direction, the Lord’s Supper, weddings, and funerals, as means of orientation to the priority of grace.


  • To develop awareness of spiritual identity and personal spiritual formation as foundational aspects of ministerial service.
  • To identify and help students appropriate core models of spirituality that inform discipleship and ministry.
  • To develop and function as a community of learning.


  • To provide students with practical experience in planning and evaluating various aspects of congregational formation and Christian ministry.
  • In association with Field Education placements, to help students set ministry goals and acquire foundational skills relevant to pastoral ministry in the context of congregational formation.