Theology For The Contemporary Church


Winter 2018
Mon HYBRID - MONDAYS, 10:30-12:20PM

This course discusses significant issues related to the contemporary Church and Christian life from a theological perspective. It explores the theological issues and implications of the current context and approachesto Christian ministry and discipleship and considers ways that theological reflection can contribute to these current approaches. The book of Revelation encourages Christians to “hear what the Spirit” is saying to the churches. This course endeavors to discern the work and direction of the Spirit through contemporary approaches to the Christian life and ministry. Note: This class weekly alternates traditional class room and online learning—see course outline for campus and online learning dates.


  • Know key movements in contemporary Christian ministry and life.
  • Know key books that are shaping contemporary Christian ministry and life.
  • Know key trends within contemporary impacting the contemporary church.



  • Appreciate the role of theological reflection for Christian life and ministry.
  • Embrace a deeper understanding of the nature of Christian ministry and living.
  • Develop a sense of the Holy Spirit’s work in the world.



  • Become familiar with significant movements and people shaping contemporary Christian life and ministry.
  • Research and discus a contemporary movement or figure shaping Christian life and ministry.
  • Engage in the process of constructive theological reflection on a significant issue facing the contemporary church and Christian life.