Theology for the Contemporary Church

TH 3XC3/5XC5

This course discusses significant issues related to the contemporary Church and the Christian life from a theological perspective. It explores theological issues and implications of the current context, approaches to Christian ministry and discipleship, and the ways that theological reflection can contribute to these approaches. The course endeavours to discern the work and direction of the Spirit through contemporary approaches to the Christian life and ministry.

DPT Students: Doctor of Practical Theology students who wish to apply for this course as an Advanced Elective for their degree program must consult with the Program Director of the DPT and the course instructor in order to develop an Advanced Elective approach to the course that fulfills the specific elements required by the DPT program. Once the elements of the Advanced Elective have been agreed upon by the student, the Program Director, and the instructor, a formal application can be made for an Advanced Elective in connection with this course. Once the application is accepted, DPT students can proceed with the course as part of their degree program.


  • Identify key movements in contemporary Christian life and ministry
  • Understand key trends impacting the life of the contemporary Church


  • Analyze significant movements and people shaping the contemporary Church
  • Develop research skills in the area of theology and Christian ministry


  • Embrace a deeper understanding of the nature of Christian life and ministry
  • Integrate theological reflection into your life and practice of ministry