Theology of Leadership (DPT)


Spring 2023
Mon 1:00pm - 4:50pm

This course introduces and explores fundamental doctrines of Christian theology—the doctrines of This course explores contemporary approaches to Christian leadership and proposes a theology of leadership as participation in the mission of the Triune God. The course evaluates the explicit and implicit theological assumptions of contemporary views on Christian leadership. It considers ways that biblical leaders, such as Jesus and Paul, can guide today’s Christian leaders. The course provides students with the opportunity to evaluate contemporary approaches to Christian ministry and to develop a theology of Christian leadership for their vocational setting and practice.


  • Identify a variety of contemporary approaches to Christian leadership (lectures).
  • Describe and discuss examples of biblical leadership (lectures on missio Dei and servant leadership, small group discussions).
  • Explore contemporary approaches to Christian leadership (lectures, seminar/paper).


  • Discover that theology is a dynamic and contextual effort to discern appropriate ways to embody the redemption revealed in Jesus Christ (lectures, constructive element of seminar and paper).
  • Acquire a deeper sense of theological vision of Christian leadership vis-à-vis other Christian leadership approaches (lectures, seminar, and paper).
  • Expand your knowledge of the scope of Christian leadership (guest speakers, lectures).


  • Develop research skills for DPT program (seminar annotated bibliography).
  • Present content on Christian leadership for a professional audience (seminar/blog assignment).
  • Engage in the process of constructive theological reflection on Christian leadership (paper/project).
  • Develop skills in public presentation and discussion of research (seminar/blog and major paper/project presentations).
  • Provide constructive and critical feedback to your DPT colleagues (class small group discussion and workshop).