Women in Christian Ministry (DPT)


Fall 2023
Tues 4:00pm - 5:50pm

The debate on the role of women in the home, church and society remains one of the major issues among North American evangelicals and there have been some major developments in the conversation and debate in the last five years. The focus of this course is the biblical, theological and social support for women in ministry, as well as their roles as equal partners in the creation mandate and equal heirs in the kingdom of God. Whatever your position, this course can be a vital path for understanding the times. Christian leaders and committed lay people will do well to understand the current situation, work on a coherent biblical theology, and discern their own role and ministry or courses of action in the home, the church and culture. This course will give each student the opportunity and resources to explore this issue in their area of specialization and to benefit from the insights and contributions of the other areas.


  • Relate to and express the various issues, practices and problems of concern for women in ministry.
  • Explore the role gender has played in your identity, story and practice for practice-led discipline
  • Identify the key biblical texts that concern women in ministry in your area of interest and explain them within a cogent foundation for a biblical basis and theology in gender


  • Using gender as a lens, recognize your identity and life story as a basis for practice-led research.
  • Be a proactive participant in the evangelical conversation on gender in a way that is consistent with your calling, practice and research interest.


  • Process current gender issues and concerns with classmates.
  • Apply practice-led research a topic of concerning gender and ministry Develop a biblical foundation for theology and practices related to gender issues