Women In The Old Testament

OT 3XW3/6XW6

This course focuses on the women of the Old Testament in terms of their character, historical setting, role in the overarching OT narrative, and contribution to both OT and Christian theology. It will consider the changing interpretive attitude toward these women through history, and examine various interpretive lenses, including feminist approaches, through which the text is read. The goal is to gain a greater understanding of these women and appreciation of their various roles in the OT, as well as their influence on contemporary Christian theology and worldviews.



  • To know the women of the Old Testaments: their contexts, characters, and roles
  • To understand a variety of feminist approaches to biblical interpretation
  • To understand both the positive and negative contributions of women in the narrative of the Old Testament
  • To understand the contribution of women to OT theology
  • To understand the relevance of OT women to the NT and Christian theology



  • To appreciate the contribution that women have made to the history of faith
  • To appreciate the potential for women’s contribution to the academy and the church
  • To grow closer to God through his working through both men and women in the OT text



  • To evaluate and apply feminist approaches to biblical interpretation
  • To articulate, orally and in writing, the way in which women contribute to OT narrative and theology
  • To be able to dialogue with those in the church who hold different perspectives