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McMaster Divinity College,
1280 Main St W
Hamilton , ON
Tue, October 04, 2022
Start: 02:00 PM
End: 04:00 PM

Join us as we explore the 2022 art exhibits, displayed throughout the MDC building, and gain insight into the creation of these pieces. The event will begin with a special Chapel service at 2:00pm, followed by guided tours of the exhibits, and a reception.

Registration no longer required, all are welcome!

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MDC Artists Series/2022 Exhibits

Haliburton Trinity Narratives – James Tughan

James Tughan’s current exhibition is the first full one to be presented in the new MDC Art Gallery. The pieces he has chosen are a mix of black and white drawings and three-dimensional pieces, all of which invite you to look at very close-up perspectives on the natural world (in this case, Haliburton, ON) and through these, to see much more than immediately meets the eye, including profound theological perspectives. It is as though you begin by looking through a microscope and then discover that you are actually looking through a telescope.

James Tughan, who is working on his DPT degree at MDC, is a world-renowned pastel artist whose perspective on the world around us, often focusing on tiny details in the world around us and the life within us, hints at the transcendence of God.


Awakenings – Megan Little

Megan Little’s exhibition is a collection of three-dimensional sculptural pieces that combine paper, wire, and light, some of which are mounted on the wall, and others that hang from the ceiling. Each one is a delight to explore, and the hanging ones invite you to walk around them and peek inside, even try to imagine what it would be like to step inside them. She also brings her love of poetry to her art and you will find a poem for many of her pieces, all adding to her invitation to reflect on the presence of God.

Megan has a degree in visual arts, as well as a degree in theological studies from MDC, and combines her dual passions for art and theology to express her relationship to God.


Faith Like a Child – Krystle Marriott

Krystle Marriott’s exhibition is a collection of large acrylic or mixed-media paintings that try to capture the heart of a child and connect to the heart of her audience. Her bold-coloured paintings explore the freedom of embracing mistakes, finding joy in the adventure of life, and expressing an exuberance that is palpable, and unmistakably related to her Christian faith.

Krystle is a local, Hamilton-based artist who focuses on the theme of childlike faith and cultivating a childlike posture toward God, oneself, and others, often highlighting aspects of joy.


Ode to the Caregiver: A Moment of Silence – Deborah Stephan

Deborah Stephan’s exhibition is a collection of ten small acrylic paintings, each a “portrait” that explores at least one aspect of what it means to be a long-term caregiver. She uses deceptively bright and simple images to capture the probing revelations of self-reflection on this loving and costly commitment of care-giving. She hopes that viewers will quietly enter the space in front of each portrait and take a moment to contemplate and pray, perhaps for yourself or someone you know who is a caregiver.

Deborah’s formal study of art and then of spiritual formation informs her approach to her work, which is in various media, including collaging, poetry, and photography, all of it designed as an invitation for personal and spiritual reflection.



2:00 PM Chapel service featuring artists James Tughan, Megan Little, and Krystle Marriott Nathaniel H. Parker Chapel
3:00 PM Guided Tours of Exhibits Leaving from Cullen Hall
Haliburton Trinity Narratives by James Tughan MDC Gallery (163)
Awakenings by Megan Little Room 211 Gallery
Faith Like A Child by Krystle Marriott Nathaniel H. Parker Chapel
Ode To The Caregiver by Deborah Stephan Farmer Memorial Board Room (207)
3:45 PM Reception Cullen Hall