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Nathaniel H. Parker Chapel,
McMaster Divinity College
Tue, September 27, 2022
Start: 02:00 PM
End: 03:00 PM

Come join us for Chapel on Tuesday at 2:00 p.m. We are exploring the theme of “Transcendence” this year. For those who were there to hear Dr. Gus Konkel last week, I hope you were inspired as you thought about the transcendence of God revealed in two Psalms, a restoration to transcendence as described in Hebrews, and the possibility of God’s transcendence in our everyday lives here and now through Jesus. This week we will hear how some of the Patristic Church Fathers (early centuries after Christ) viewed this. We look forward to hearing from Dr. James Payton, who has spent a lot of time with these ancient preachers and thinkers, and who welcomes you into their world and encourages you to invite them into yours! But, be warned: as John of Damascus says, “All the things of God are above the natural order and beyond speech and understanding,” so they were—and we are—engaged in a challenging task!

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